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SMS Marketing Takes Your Marketing to a New Level

Feel like you are doing everything for your marketing you possibly can? If you haven’t started using SMS marketing, you are overlooking an important facet of your marketing plan. Text marketing helps your business connect with customers. They sign up for your service and you can start sending them messages immediately. This marketing method has… read more

SMS Marketing Helps Build Relationships With Your Customers

As a business owner, you know how important it is to build a relationship with your customers. A relationship keeps them coming back to your business over and over. It increases their spending, cements their loyalty, and gets them to tell others about how much they love your business. Those word-of-mouth recommendations are still one… read more

SMS Marketing Is More Than a Marketing Fad

There are a lot of marketing fads out there. They won’t get you results. But they will end up draining your bank account. That’s not what SMS marketing is. This is a marketing method that really does get results for your business. You’ll be able to instantly reach your customers. It’s perfect for boosting sales… read more

Use SMS Marketing In Conjunction With Your Other Marketing Methods

You shouldn’t rely on just one marketing method. The key to a great marketing plan is one that’s diverse. Using different methods allows you to reach a wider audience. Combining methods can make an even bigger impact on those potential customers. Think about pairing SMS marketing with another online campaign. This gets the word out… read more

Keep In Touch With Volunteers With SMS Marketing

If your organization needs the help of volunteers, you know how hard it can be to keep in touch with them. There isn’t usually a formal structure that helps you keep in contact. But now there can be! We’ll help you implement our SMS marketing system into your non-profit system. You’ll be able to easily… read more

SMS Marketing Keeps You In Touch With Your Customers

How are you keeping in touch with your best customers? It is important for your business to keep reaching out to new customers. But it is even more important to keep in touch with your existing customers! Retaining customers is more cost effective than gaining new ones. We’ll help you do that! SMS Marketing is… read more

SMS Marketing That Adjusts To Your Needs

There isn’t an SMS marketing plan that’s perfect for every business. That’s why our plans scale to your needs. You can start out with a free trial on our services. Explore the different options for personalizing your messages to customers. You’ll be able to set up new campaigns with just a few clicks! Or, you… read more

SMS Marketing With Great Reporting

You need to get feedback from your marketing campaigns. This helps you know if your efforts are working, and if customers are responding to what you are putting out there. Good reporting will help you refine your marketing efforts. You can be continually adjusting your marketing campaigns until they have maximum effect. When you use… read more

What is SMS Marketing?

You’ve probably heard a lot about SMS marketing, but may not be totally sure what it is. It is the use of text messages to market your business. This is a mobile form of marketing that is cheap and effective. It is also relatively new, so the competition to reach customers is uncluttered. Most consumers aren’t… read more

Have You Tried SMS Marketing Yet?

Have you brought SMS marketing into your marketing plan yet? We know using a new method of marketing can be intimidating. You don’t know how your customers will respond to it. Will it be worth your time and investment? And will it really benefit your business? Let the team at SMS Marketing 360 put your… read more